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2010 Annual Meeting
Apr 19, 2010
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Town of Chilton
2010 Annual Meeting
April 19, 2010

Chairman John Schwarz called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. In attendance were the Town Board, Jonathon Bartz and Attorney Andrew Rossmeissl. There were 20 in attendance that signed the roll call.

It was noted that the wrong year was listed in the minutes for this years meeting. After correcting, Ed Wenig made a motion to approve the minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting, second by Jerry Lintner, motion carried.

Jonathan Bartz from Martenson & Eisele gave a presentation on zoning and what the Town has done so far in creating a zoning ordinance. Questions concerning maps, shoreland, and the ordinance were addressed by Jon Bartz. Chairman Schwarz introduced the committee that has been meeting with the Town Board to create this ordinance. Peter Gambsky made a motion that directed the Town Board to prepare a zoning ordinance and bring back to the people at a public hearing, second by Don Voogt, motion carried. Jon Bartz outlined the public hearings and protocol that needs to be followed before the zoning ordinance could be adopted.

Don Sattler made a motion to approve the 2009 Annual Report, second by Marv Heinrich, motion carried. It was noted that the Town’s website should be listed on the County’s site so the Town’s site could be linked from the County’s site.

The 2009 Community Fund was reviewed with donations amounting to $5285.50. Don Ruhland made a motion for the Town to send a thank-you and pay Anita Harder $200 for her efforts in running this program, second by Jerry Lintner, motion carried.

Randy Frank from Veolia and Kari Rabideau from Hickory Meadows Landfill reported on the landfill expansion and the upcoming use of the gas to produce electricity. It was questioned to how often the wells outside of the landfill were tested. Randy reported that it depended on the well, any time form every 6 months to 3 years. Results are public record and should be able to be found through the DNR. It was questioned if the landfill was selling land to the County for a new shed. Randy reported that they have been contacted, but no specific site was questioned. The County would not be able to get any gas as this will all be used to produce electricity. There is no site manager at the landfill at this time. Jerry Lintner, chairman of the Standing Committee reported that 13,726 loads of PCB contaminated silt were received in 2009. PCB’s started arriving April 12, 2010, which is a month earlier than last year. The host fee to the Town increased from $2.81 in 2009 to $2.88 in 2010.

The idea of making the Clerk and Treasurer positions appointed rather than elected was discussed, with both pros and cons being voiced. A consensus opinion is not to combine the two positions for a better check and balance system. It was reported that the Town Board first has to adopt an ordinance making these positions appointed and then it goes to a referendum vote. The Town Board has the authority to change back to elected positions after a two year waiting period. Chairman Schwarz asked for an advisory show of hands to create these appointed positions. Chairman Schwarz reported that a rough count showed approximately 2/3 vote for and 1/3 vote against. The Town Board will continue to study this proposal.

Chairman Schwarz reported that the Town Board is reviewing the Town’s snowplowing of private yards policy and that the Town may no longer do any plowing unless it was an emergency.

Kenn Buelow reported on the P.A.C.E. program and how it would help preserve farmland. He reported on monies available and what is needed to start this program. He held a question and answer period to inform those in attendance.

Bonnie Casper made a motion to set the 2011 Annual Meeting for Monday, April 18, 2011, second by Mark Schneider, motion carried.

Don Sattler made a motion to adjourn at 10:15 p.m., second by Marv Heinrich, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Doug Koffarnus, Town of Chilton Clerk


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