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Town Board
Apr 10, 2017

 Town of Chilton

April 10, 2017

Town Board Meeting


Chairman John Schwarz called the meeting to order at 8:00pm and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  In attendance were the Town Board, Daryl Schroeder, Steve Woelfel, Bonnie Casper, Bob Schneider, and Marvin Heinrich.  Paul Birschbach the Towns Zoning Administrator was also in attendance.


The future plans of Gravity Park were discussed with Bob Schneider.  Bob said he had contacted Paul Birschbach and was reportedly told that no permits were needed unless bleacher construction would take place.  The County approved that no erosion control was needed for the ground that was being moved.  Discussions have taken place with Eastern Wisconsin Racing, but it is far from a deal that they would race there.  Bob reported that various races with rally cars and other cars have been held there since 2007.  How many other classes of cars would race there is kind of an unknown right now.  Races would be held on Fridays, the same time as the motorcycles race.  Bob stated that this is a high risk-high reward project.  Paul Birschbach questioned what would be used for bathrooms.  Bob stated the idea is to start slowly with just building a wall to hide the port-a-potties and have a wash basin installed.  Parking was discussed.  Bob stated he would use more of his field to keep vehicles off of the road.  Noise at night will be the largest concern.  When questioned about safety concerns Bob replied that the track was inspected and it will need a little more fencing in certain areas.  A year-round liability insurance is in place.  The Board questioned if a variance will be needed.  Paul Birschbach explained that a variance is not in play.  There are aerial photos of the track being there in 2010 and the Towns zoning ordinance was adopted February 27, 2012.   The Town Board has to determine if this is a pre-existing item and grandfathered in.  If it is not pre-existing, it is not permitted.  Ideally this would be changed to a conditional use so everyone would be on the same page and conditions could be put in place.  Paul advised the Town to contact their legal advisor to get an opinion on pre-existing first.


Public Comments:  The Board was advised that the Town of Chilton’s zoning ordinance clearly states that cars are not allowed to race.  Noise from Gravity Park is also an issue.


Andy Pethan made a motion to approve the minutes from the March 6, 13, & 16, 2017 meetings, second by Tim Lau, motion carried.


Tim Lau made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report that is 31 cents off, second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.


Andy Pethan made a motion to pay all bills presented, second by Tim Lau, motion carried.


Tim Lau made a motion to purchase a $245,000 1-year CD from Verve Credit Union at 1.25%, second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.  Chairman John J. Schwarz, Treasurer Linda Hedrich, and Clerk Doug Koffarnus were appointed as signees for the certificate of deposit.


Communications:  The landfill will be requesting to be able to construct 24/7 at the Standing Committee meeting on April 11, 2017.  The Board agreed to let the Standing Committee make the decision.  The employee handbook needs to be updated.  Dog licenses being sent out was questioned.  The dog list will be reviewed.  Well testing was discussed.  Upcoming meetings were discussed.


Andy Pethan made a motion to approve using Delta Publishing, Tri-County News, for notices that legally need to be published, second by Tim Lau, motion carried.


Internet services were reviewed.  More information is needed before any change will take place.


A driveway permit for Greg Vollmer was signed and approved with the following conditions.  It is agreed upon to install a 2-foot concrete culvert with 4 surface inlets, no more than 70’ apart for a total of no more than 350’.  Applicant agrees to responsibility if there is a problem with winter freeze-up. 


Andy Pethan made a motion to adjourn at 10:00pm, second by Tim Lau, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Koffarnus, Clerk




Chairman Schwarz called the Board of Audit to order.  Changes to the 2016 ledger included finalizing the 2016 taxes which changed the 2016 revenues.  This is common practice and should have been done in October.  There was a $29.68 balance adjustment to balance the 2016 books.  The Board of Audit did not approve the adjustment or the 2016 ledger until the $29.68 error is corrected.  The Clerk was advised to send out the annual report with the $29.68 error, but to also state that the error is still in the process of being balanced.  Tim Lau made motion to adjourn, second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Koffarnus, Clerk


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