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Annual Meeting
Apr 24, 2017



April 24, 2017




Chairman John Schwarz called the meeting to order at 8:00pm and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  In attendance were the Town Board, Kevin Byrne from Raymond James, Brian Hopkins representing Hickory Meadows Landfill, 2 members of the press, and 13 citizens.


Lanetta Mahlberg made a motion to approve the minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting second by, Jerry Lintner, motion carried.


Kevin Byrne presented information about Raymond James.  They have over 7000 financial advisors who oversee 617 billion dollars.  They have had 116 consecutive profitable quarters.  Kevin explained the fund they use for insuring themselves.  FDIC covers most CD’s.  The only monies that are in any danger of loss is what stays in a cash account.  The Town has a 23-million-dollar account with Raymond James.  Kevin explained what the Town can invest in according to Wisconsin State Statutes and by that limitation the Towns investments are doing well above all benchmarks with an average of 3.37%/year since 2001.  Kevin has managed the Towns fund since inception.  It was explained that day to day investing is done by the Town Treasurer and Kevin.  Any major changes are presented to the Town Board.  


The 2016 Annual Report was reviewed.  The Chairman reported that the Board of Audit did not approve the 2016 ledger as there is a $29.68 error.  The error is still being worked on at this time.  The Portland Cemetery maintenance account was explained. A monthly stipend replacing the cell phone reimbursement was explained.  Rich Buechel approved made a motion to approve the 2016 report, second by Jeff Hedrich, motion carried.


Anita Harder reported that the Best Friends chapter is closing and has sent back the $344 check from the community fund.  She asked for guidance as what to do with this money.  Al Schneider made a motion to send the money to the New Hope Center, second by Jeff Hedrich, motion carried.  Anita was thanked for taking care of this fund.  Anita stated that she started doing this in 1999 and will keep doing it as long as her health will let her.  Al Schneider made a motion to send Anita Harder a thank you note and $250 for operating the Community fund drive again this year, second by Paul Juckem, motion carried.


Brian Hopkins from Advanced Disposal reported on Hickory Meadows Landfill.  He has been with the company 7 years and was Mark Menskes boss.  They have hired Carl Decker 2 months ago to be the new manager.  Sediment coming in should be a little more than 2016.  They have been told to expect another year of sediment, but no information was provided to as how much.  The sediments were supposed to be reduced this year but that has changed.  Construction for the new cell has to now be completed earlier.  Gerald Lintner from the Landfill Standing Committee reported that they have granted longer hours for construction only.  Rain delays may result in 24/7 construction but will have to be approved on a per incident basis.  They hope that 24/7 will not be needed.  No major issues occurred this year and there was no update on the gas use for turbines.  Brian gave a report on wind issues and how the landfill handles them.



Recycling and well testing programs were reviewed.  It was brought up to discard plastic screw on caps instead of recycling them.  Well testing in 2017 will be a full metals test.  The testing will be limited to 120 wells.


Chairman John Schwarz reported that the Town Board had inspected the roads but no decisions have been finalized except for a $15,000 contract with Crack Filling, Inc.  This up from $5,000 from 2016.  Road conditions were discussed and was discussed as being 40-50 years since the Town blacktopped the roads.  John Karls was recognized for his 30.5 years of service to the Town and Glenroy Heimmerman was recognized for his 10 years of part-time help.  Both men were thanked for their service.  Jeff Schwarz was introduced as the new Road Patrolman.  The possible purchase of a new truck to replace the 2003 International was discussed.


The idea of having an appointed Clerk and/or Treasurer was discussed.  The citizens in attendance voiced the opinion that the Town Board should try to get a referendum passed to have the positions appointed.


A zoning issue was updated.  The Board was reminded to uphold the Town’s zoning ordinance.


Rich Buechel made a motion to set the 2018 Annual Meeting for Monday, April 23, second by Lanetta Mahlberg, motion carried.


Steve Woelfel made a motion to adjourn at 9:25pm, second by Paul Juckem, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Koffarnus, Town of Chilton Clerk







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