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Town Board
Sep 11, 2017

 Town of Chilton

September 11, 2017

Town Board Meeting


Chairman John Schwarz called the meeting to order at 8:00pm and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  In attendance were the Town Board and Marvin Heinrich.


Public Comments:  Marvin Heinrich reported that the nitrates in his water test went down this year.  He also does an extra test through the Department of Agriculture and that test showed that no chemicals were present.  A request should be made to Dani Santry to see if a summary of the Town wells could be provided.


Tim Lau made a motion to approve the minutes from the 8-14-2017 meeting, second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.


Andy Pethan made a motion to approve the Treasurer report, second by Tim Lau, motion carried.


Andy Pethan made a motion to pay all bills presented, second by Tim Lau, motion carried.


Communications:  Andy Pethan attended the Chilton Fire Department budget meeting.  He reported they plan on buying a new pumper truck that could replace two vehicles.  The truck should be paid for through previous contracts.  2018 contract bill will be $150-$200 higher.  Signs for marking Town roads as a ATV trail should be here shortly.  The Civic Association discussed this policy.  The Town of Woodville will not pay for signs, but would let a club pay for them.  John Schwarz will check to see when the truck will be here so the old one can be sold.  The Board agreed to pay Jim Casper $300 for concrete disposal.  Equalized values were reviewed.  WTA convention was also discussed.  Paul Birschbach reported that he would like to discontinue overseeing land splits.  He recommended Jim Sanders for this job.  The Board will contact him.


Ordinance 2017-2 was signed and the Clerk was advised to publish it.


Next meeting was set for Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 8:00pm.


Tim Lau made a motion to adjourn at 9:15pm, second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted, Doug Koffarnus, Clerk



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